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The Appraisal Department provides a real estate appraisal & valuation report services across Japan. The department has affluent track records on both Japanese and English valuation reports requested from not only domestic but also oversea clients such as financial institutions, investors, and funds based in Europe and Asia via global network of Savills groups to meet various valuation needs of clients. Cross-border valuation for real estate held by firms as well as properties collateral to investment becomes more necessary under the globalization of real estate markets. We provide one-stop appraisal & valuation services through global network of Europe and Pan-Pacific Asia.

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In 2011, the Appraisal Department provided valuation service of 160 properties of over JPY 1 trillion in total value for the purpose of real estate securitization, finance, accounting, IFRS, off-shore IPO, and due diligence.


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Takeshi Ichikawa

Takeshi Ichikawa


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