International valuation


What do we do?

We have a global network of Savills Group over Europe and Pan-Pacific Asia to conduct cross-border valuation for various purposes of IFRS, M&A, and portfolio asset valuation.

How do we work?

One-stop valuation service

We provide one-stop service for cross-border portfolio assets at our Japan office by coordinating our oversea branch offices. At the client request, Japanese translation of the reports can be submitted.

Low cost and prompt service

Different from other domestic firms, we can provide prompt service at low cost utilizing our global network of over 200 oversea offices and affluent experiences of over 15,000 valuation works per annum.

Who do we work for?

  • Major global banks and financial institutions.
  • Japanese firms in need of real estate valuation at an IPO in a foreign stock exchange
  • Japanese firms in need of valuation at acquisition of oversea real estates

Key contacts

Takeshi Ichikawa

Takeshi Ichikawa


Savills Japan

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