Fundamental Policy regarding our stance toward Antisocial Forces

Savills Japan Co., Ltd. and Savills Asset Advisory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Savills Group") have set forth our fundamental policy regarding our stance toward antisocial forces in compliance with the "Corporate Guidelines to Prevent Damages Caused by Antisocial Forces" (a government policy) as follows:


1. Our stance as an organization 
Savills Group will not leave relevant matters to particular individuals or divisions. Savills Group will deal with all antisocial forces on an organization-wide scale. Representative Directors and other management personnel will ensure the safety of our customers and employees.

2. Cooperation with outside specialized agencies 
Savills Group will continuously establish close cooperative relationships with outside specialized agencies in order to address unjust demands made by antisocial forces. This includes having relationships with police departments and attorneys.

3. All transactions and relationships are prohibited 
Savills Group prohibit all transactions and relationships from taking place with antisocial forces and will refuse any unjustifiable demands from such groups or individuals.

4. Legal response to emergencies through civil and criminal countermeasures 
Savills Group will take civil and criminal action towards unjust demands from antisocial forces.

5. Prohibition of under-the-table deals and financial assistance 
Savills Group will not conduct any under-the-table business with antisocial forces or provide any such groups or individuals with financial assistance.


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